The city

Florence is universally considered one of the the place of origin of the Renaissance, Humanism’s cradle, and one of the most important art cities of the world.

It holds a prominent place in the history of civilization: the birthplace of enormous personalities in Art and Literature that with their work have influenced the whole world.

Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Florence was at the forefront of cultural regeneration, concerning Literature and Art, and with its bankers and merchants, it was one of the main centers of the world’s economy.

Today the main Florence resources are the rich and old artisan tradition and, above all, the tourism: the artistic and architectural treasures’ city attract many tourists from all over the world.

Historically, the religious heart of the city is “Duomo’s square ”, the monumental complex of the Cathedral “Santa Maria del Fiore”, surmounted by the majestic dome by Brunelleschi, the Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile .

The political heart is “Signoria’s square”, which is overlooked by “Palazzo Vecchio”, the “Loggia of Lanzi” and the “Neptune Fointaine”.
Next to the square, we find the majestic Galleria Uffizi, that hosts one of the most important museums of the world.

This are only a few of the mayor monuments of the city, not forgetting roads and streets full of suggestions, overlooked by countless workshops and cultural laboratories, views thanks to which you can appreciate the original nature of this city.