About us

It is a business centre with shops, laboratories, production and services companies, professional studies of consulting and training: currently over 20 companies from various sectors are involved in this business.

The structure, recently constructed, offers spaces for many types of events. It’s the first European pole and convergence point for more than 200 italian companies participating in the project of the Economy of Communion, a project of civil economy that aims to help realizing, in the world, a more equitable society, with no longer destitute. The Polo is a constitutive part of the international Loppiano city.

The numbers

  •  9600 square meters of surface;
  • More than 5700 members who makes up the E.di.C. Spa, the parent company of the Pole;
  • More than 20 businesses have here their home.

These rooms, different in structure and type, able of accommodating up to 200 people, are available for educational activities and conferences, offering technological equipment audio-video and video-conference, audio conference and web conference.

The Polo also provides a space for Temporary Offices inspired by the idea of co-working, creating temporary workstations facilitating team work.

An ample space is occupied by the gallery, which is lined with shops and laboratories and that may pose a “location” for photo shoots, fashion runways, tasting etc.

The Polo offers the possibility to take advantage of a number of optional services, such as:

  • reception conference activities;
  • room preparation with support hostesses;
  • audio-visual equipment and information technology;
  • Internal catering for coffee breaks, cocktails, buffet meals.
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